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Welcome to PLASTIC PACK LLC in Florida. We are your destination for plastic packaging. We produce wrappers from LDPE, HDPE and PP materials with complete servicing of packing technology.

Our effort is adjust, adapt requirements, needs of clients. We are able to adjust the programme of final wrapping to each customer’s demands. This seems to be very important part of sales affectivity improving.

Strong European groups from food, electronic, health industrial or automotive branch present in Slovakia belong to our permanent purchasers in our branch company in Europe.


Industrial film

Industrial films are 100% recycable and offer a wide variety of usage in all the industrial areas as a covering material suitable for wrapping of single or group products.

Shrink film

Automatic machine shrinking films are used for packaging of products in a group e.g. PET bottles by hot air in a shrink tunnel or by heat gun.


Bags are produced from LDPE, HDPE and PP film.

Retail merchandise bags

Polyethylene, polypropylene and Microten HDPE, LDPE sacks are produced according to the customer´s demands.

Cast stretch wrap

Cast stretch wrap is used mainly for wrapping and holding the goods placed on palettes or besides them. It protects the goods against mechanical damage during the transport. The foil is ecologically harmless and fully recycable.

Polyamide membranes

Polyamide membranes are the materials suitable for packing butcher´s and dairy products. They consist of more layers and help to make perfect oxygen barriere and they prolong expiry period.

Foam wrappers

Foam wrappers are produced from physically frothing polyethylene without using CFC and HCFC and do not harm the environment. LDPE foam may be laminated with HDPE foil what will increase firmness and usage of cover.

EPE products

Products made from extruded polyethylene are from long term period point the best solution for product protection against damage.

Our products are made in USA and 100% Recyclable.
We offer free recycling of clean films, wraps and bags for our customers.
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